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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rippin' it Up with the RiP

Mirror Image: Mark of RiP cuts up with SHiP's Jeremy.

This past Friday and Saturday, Stick Horses in Pants took on the RiP in the ultimate battle of improv wits. The competition consisted of three rounds:

  1. Elimination games, which featured two players from each team. Last man standing earned a point for his/her team.
  2. Longform improv—each team got one suggestion and performed 15 minutes of related scenes. Each of three judges (improv experts) and the audience voted for their favorite group (4 points total).
  3. Shortform games from a hat—each team drew three games out of a hat and took turns performing them. Again, the three judges and audience voted for their favorite team (total of 4 points).

Trade Secrets: Horses talk shop with Mark.

On June 6, the RiP defeated SHiP by one point, with a clean-sweep in longform. June 7, SHiP rallied and inched ahead of RiP with the final audience vote. I have never had more fun collaborating with another improv troupe. The RiP members are excellent at what they do, and it was fantastic watching them in action. Both nights were sold out, and we had to add chairs.

Horse Kisses: Hunter, Lacey and Frannigan get cozy with RiP's Kim.

After the show, we all went out to celebrate our tie. Look for a rematch: coming soon to a theater near you.


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