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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Back from Glorieta

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I just returned from the Glorieta Christian Writers Conference. I got to meet many of our wonderful writers and hear Florence Littauer speak, which were both highlights. After five hours of driving, I'm tired. And strangely enough, I got homesick — even though I was only gone for four days. I don't know if it was leaving behind my teenage housemate, or the fact that my Stick Horses were having all kinds of fun without me (The Horses gave workshops at the Inspire Drama Conference this weekend, and I hear they were a big hit), but I got that feeling I used to get as a teen when I was stuck at summer camp and wanted to go home.

I'm home now, and the conference was profitable. I met with many talented writers who have fresh ideas for our mags. I didn't end up going back to Santa Fe, though. I think it's something best done with a friend. As Jared said last night when I "bored called" him, "Maybe the Stick Horses could get a gig down there." Horses in Santa Fe — what could be better?


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