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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Old Friends

Krista, Gretta and me.

I've decided to blog about the Northwest tour one wonderful day at a time. There are too many fun details to share in one entry. The Horses set out from Colorado Springs at 5:15 a.m. Friday. We reached the airport without mishap and soon discovered that Jared is not a morning person. None of us had ever known this because we only see him in the afternoons and evenings when he is hyper.

We arrived in Portland about 10:30 and picked up our beautiful white minivan (which only Jared could drive). Then we crossed the state line and met my sister Sarah for lunch. We only had four kids in our afternoon workshops, but they were still a lot of fun.

We weren't sure what kind of turn-out to expect for the show since workshop attendance had been so low. I had invited several of my college friends but wasn't sure if they'd make it. We were in this out-of-the-way room at the church we were performing at, so a few minutes before the show I wandered out to the main building to see who I could find.

I was overjoyed to see John and Diane Stevens, the parents of my college friend Krista. This family let me stay in their home for four months during college when I was really sick with Lyme disease. They really took care of me. When I saw Diane, I cried. This was completely unanticipated because I am generally not a cryer, but it was just so very special to see them again. My college roommate, Gretta (yes, I only had one), was also there. Although only 16 people came to that first show, it was incredibly packed with love. The show went great and had our audience crying tears of laughter.

After the show came the drive to Aberdeen....

Stick Horses at the airport at 7:30 a.m.


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You guys look really tired in this photo!


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