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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The First Annual Horsey Awards

Last night was an historic evening. The first annual Horsey Awards took place at Paravicini's Italian Restaurant in Old Colorado City. In October, my improv group, Stick Horses in Pants, sponsored a room at the Pulpit Rock Church Harvest Festival. Participants had to ride one of our stick horses through a track that included jousting, roping and a cactus slalom. We won the award for best room and a gift certificate to Paravicini's.

Jared had the idea to make the special evening a night of encouragement, for which each of us would prepare a special award for another Horse. We drew the names in Secret Santa fashion and began planning. Last night we dressed "to the nines" and headed downtown.

The food was incredible! I ordered the special, which was a breaded veal cutlet on fettucine alfredo with broccoli. After the salad arrived, the award's ceremony commenced. The awards were all creative. Some were funny. Some rhymed. Awards included a Nalgene bottle for Kate (the cool under pressure award), a bamboo stalk for Dianne (the planted firmly in Christ and giving oxygen to others award), my little ponies for me (the best mane and striving for excellence in the ring award) and an "Oscar" — as in the grouch — for Jared (the most encouraging leadership award). After receiving his or her award, each person was required to give an acceptance speech. Most were short and sweet. A few provoked the cut-off music (provided by Jeremy).

Hunter received the best Russian accent award from Jeremy.

Elisa received the good listener award (bunny ears) and Mrs. Butterworth's syrup.

I presented Toby the "On Time, All the Time" award for great comic timing and on-time attendance.

We had an amazing evening with dinner, dessert and coffee. But the best part was honoring each other. I am deeply thankful for this improv group that is more than a group. These people are my brothers and sisters and God continues to use them in my life in incredible ways. We plan to hold the Horsey Awards annually.


At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Hunter said...

Yeah! I love the Horses!

At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Kelsey said...

This is such a great idea Suz! It looks like you guys had so much fun! Yay for Stick Horses! I really appreciate all of your talents so much and really enjoy going to your shows. I definitely plan on being there April 6th! :)

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Josh said...

Hunter's hat looks like a fro in the top picture :) Stick Horses own, I look forward to the coming show!

At 10:23 PM, Blogger Ashleigh said...

Looks like a great evening of fun and encouragement! Ted and I may have to try that restaurant. Sounds yummy.


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