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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rebels (and Friends) with a Cause

Boundless bloggers (plus Tim Challies and Ricky Alcantar) with Brett and Alex at NA.

My blogging cohorts Alex and Brett Harris (younger twin brothers of Joshua Harris) are featured in this month's Breakaway magazine. In "Rebels With a Cause," we meet these dynamic 18-year-olds who won't settle for the typical teen existence:

In the spiritual warfare of today’s often-aimless teenage culture, the twins are a double-barreled shotgun. They are blasting away at (to borrow one of their phrases) “the myth of adolescence,” which says the teenage years are nothing but a long pleasure cruise. The twins’ alternative is a three-word mantra.

“Do hard things,” Alex says. “We live in a world that says, ‘You’re young—have fun!’ It tells teens to ‘Obey your thirst,’ ‘Have it your way’ and ‘Just do it.’ Or it tells us, ‘Hey, you’re great! You don’t need to exert yourself.’ But those kinds of mindsets sabotage Christlike character and competence.”

To fight against this attitude, the twins formed “The Rebelution” in August 2005 by merging their two separate blogs into one focused vehicle for change, It has been wildly successful, winning consecutive “Best Teen Blog” honors in the 2005 and ’06 Homeschool Blog Awards and attracting more than 10 million hits. They are at the forefront of a large community of teenage guys and girls who want to, as their Web site puts it, “rebel against the low expectations of an ungodly culture.”

All I have to say is, "Yay, Alex and Brett!" It's exciting to see young adults promoting a higher standard (and succeeding at it!).


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