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Friday, September 14, 2007

Wisdom From My Friends

I am blessed with some pretty smart friends. Two of them have articles appearing on Boundless this week.

My breakfast buddy and former roomie Krishana wrote an article called "Tandem Living," which recounts her skydiving experience and the more terrifying leap of faith from a steady job to missions. She writes:

Only hours before I went skydiving I, in a sense, had flung myself out the opening of a secure and comfortable place in my life. That morning I sat around a table with co-workers and announced I'd be leaving my editorial magazine position to pursue full-time youth ministry in Europe.

Then my childhood friend Dave (I'm SO glad I grew into those ears!) writes about one of my favorite topics: the church. His article "What, No Paycheck?" was incredibly challenging. He asks: Have American Christians lost Christ's spirit of service? His answer hits pretty close to home:

And I submit that a Christian truly devoted to God will sacrifice some modern desires — perhaps a new iPhone, flat-screen TV, or dinner at Applebee's (or the extra time spent making the money to buy them) — so they can instead spend time and money serving God.

I encourage you to take a few minutes with my friends this week and hear what is on their hearts. It's good stuff.


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