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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spoiled Cat

You've heard of a spoiled brat. Well, I've got a spoiled cat. Today I returned home from work to more destruction...dried flowers strewn all over the living room, magnet words ripped off the fridge and strewn on the kitchen floor and several torn up tissues.

"It's time," I told my housemate. "We have to lock her in the bathroom when we're gone." Feeling sorry about the cat's dismal fate, I went out and bought a deluxe scratching post, complete with dangling catnip toys and a soft bed/perch.

After Sveta and I assembled it tonight, I noticed Mia was nowhere to be found. I went downstairs and found her "playing" in her room. Yay! That's a good sign. Next is bling-bling. Um, maybe not.


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