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Monday, August 11, 2008

Beautiful Seaside

Beaches are my favorite. And my favorite beaches are in Oregon.

Last week, I spent four days in Seaside, Ore., with my family. My siblings, parents, sister-in-law, nephews, future brother-in-law, and sister's college roommate stayed in a large, cheery house an easy walk from the beach. During our stay, we got together with old family friends, played with my little nephews on the beach, enjoyed a sunset, feasted on Mom's good cooking and had a "siblings night out."

My sweet 20-month-old nephew, Aaron. The nephews really deserve their own post. I had fun teaching them "Get Down," a game we play in improv.

My nephew Ben, 3, thought he'd just played a pretty good joke on Amy by tapping on the glass.

Beaches are especially wonderful for the engaged...

...and the young.

It only took one piece of fudge to convince Ben to get in this photo with me. He calls me Aunt Zan.

Our old friends, the Curtises, were vacationing nearby. And we had a "shindig." (Yes, Isaac, I said "shindig.") It was extra-special to see them again after more than five years.

The trip ended with a trip to one of our favorite places. Hadleys in their natural habitat.

There are too many wonderful pictures to post on this blog. Look at them here.


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