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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Have Yourself a Snowy Little Christmas, Part 4

On Christmas day, Bekah and her husband Ezra arrived late morning. Even though they weren't originally planning on it, they stayed two nights! Christmas was wonderful. We were all together with good food, laughter and two adorable little boys.

On Friday, my college friend Kelly stopped by with her family. We had planned to have five members of our original dorm section meet up (as we have in some form for 12 years!), but the weather kept two of the girls away. We were glad that Kelly and Darren were able to brave the snow.

And on Saturday, four members of my high school youth group (who all live in Seattle now) four-wheeled it back into the Hadley property. We played games, reminisced, ate Mom's chili and enjoyed general merriment. There's few things in the world better than seeing old friends.

So this Christmas was truly wonderful. I loved getting "snowed in" with the family, going on an Old Navy run with Bekah and Ezra, being woken up by little voices, wrapping Christmas presents while watching "White Christmas," hugging old friends and baking goodies. It was a snowy little Christmas to remember.


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