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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome, Multnomah Friends!

Today my issue of The Multnomah Message arrived in the mail. I was surprised to see that my blog address was included (clearly I have not been keeping this place ready for company). So I thought I should update immediately. This is Kevin and I in February of this year--one year from our first date.

On Focus on the Family's Young Married Life blog, I recently included this passage I wrote to Kevin about our first date:

I was nervous walking into Starbucks that night. And there you were all tall, wearing a blue-and-white-striped shirt. You looked so dashing and I felt like a high school girl with a crush. My nerves immediately subsided when you greeted me, though. Your warm smile and relaxed manner put me at ease.

You let me choose where we would eat, and I picked Red Robin. We ate burgers and sat there talking until they closed. Then you drove us back to Starbucks and we sat in your car talking until 1. We talked about family and mountain bike accidents and ministry and our views on dating. I didn't want to ever stop talking to you.

I finally told you I probably needed to go because I had an early morning run. It was then that you admitted that you had to open at Starbucks the next morning at 4. At that moment, I figured you liked me. When I got home, you sent me a text message: “It has been great staying up talking. You are an amazing person that I’m really blessed to be getting to know. I’m super glad God has crossed our paths.”

I was too.

Kevin is a wonderful husband for me. And we have so many great adventures. Thanks for stopping by. If you're from Multnomah, please leave a comment!