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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kevin's Birthday Bash

Yesterday was Kevin's birthday and he left the planning up to me. We started the day with baked French toast and presents.

Of course, distinguished guests were invited.

Then we dropped Litte J off at Grandma's and headed to the Woodhouse Day Spa for massages. Relaxation was the order of the day since Kevin has been crazy busy with work and has kids camp coming up this weekend. It was a gorgeous day, so we walked around downtown Denver before enjoying a delicious dinner at the Wynkoop Brewery.

Finally it was back to Kevin's parents' house for strawberry shortcake dessert.

It was a wonderful day, and someone was worn out from all the festivities!

Monday, May 09, 2011

First Mother's Day

I can't believe one year ago Kevin and I were just getting back from Washington where we'd told my family that we were going to have a baby. This mother's day, I got to kiss and hold and love on that baby. He even signed my Mother's Day card (with Kevin's help). We just had to share all that cuteness and love, so we visited my grandma.

Josiah was a big hit at Grandma's assisted living facility. We got stopped every few feet for people to ooo and ah over how cute he was. As my 5-year-old nephew Ben said after visiting a year ago, "They like me there."

Then we met up with Kevin's parents for Chinese food dinner and strawberry shortcake. I love this picture of three generations of Gosselin boys. I told Kevin it was very odd for Mother's Day to be celebrating ME. For so many years, Mother's Day was only about MY mom ... like her birthday. But I thoroughly enjoyed getting a little special treatment, and I especially enjoyed spending the day with the cool kid who made me a mom.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Day 30: Free at Last

Well, people, we did it. This is Day 30. I wore this dress, cami and shoes from Maurice's on my birthday, but I hadn't used it as the actual daily outfit. We supposedly got a high of 76 today, so it was a perfect day for a springy dress. I wish Kevin and I could have figured out how to make this dress look as flattering on me as all dresses look on my friend Denise. But we tried our best.

This is one of those close-ups Kevin has a tendency to sneak. But it does show off my new haircut.

So the challenge has ended, and I promised to tell you a few of the things I learned:

1. I can stick with something for 30 days! This challenge required me to spend about an hour to an hour-and-a-half daily, between choosing my outfit, getting myself picture-ready and having a photo shoot. Now I'm inspired to think of what else I could do in an hour a day: a cooking challenge (cook a new dinner every day for 30 days), reading challenge, house project challenge, exercise challenge, etc.!

2. I don't need THAT many clothes to look stylish each day. Coming up with the 30 outfits using my 30 existing items was surprisingly easy. I will be cleaning my closet out and getting rid of things I hardly wear. In addition, when I go shopping, I will better know which items would be versatile in my wardrobe.

3. How to wear a scarf.

4. Posting a picture of oneself every day feels vain. No, I take that back; it IS vain. But it is vanity with a purpose (see point #5).

5. I can inspire others. I had half a dozen friends say that my challenge inspired them to get creative with their wardrobes and come up with at least one new outfit. (Hooray!)

6. Taking a picture of oneself every day is not fun after day #3.

7. Just because I am a new mom, I DO NOT have to stay in pajamas all day (at least not every day ;). There are benefits to taking the time to get ready each day, including feeling good about myself and looking good for my husband.

So did you have a favorite outfit during this challenge? Did you try putting together an outfit of your own? Thanks, everyone, for playing along. Stay tuned for what I do next!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Day 29: A Bit Giddy

Well, folks! One day left of the 30-Day Fashion Challenge, and I'm getting a little giddy. Can't you see it in my face? A combo I discovered an enjoyed during this challenge was wearing a spaghetti strap shirt over a t-shirt. It's something I hadn't tried before, but I think it's a way to make tops that you would normally only wear under jackets or sweaters more versatile.

Here's outfit 29 in all it's glory. Some pieces you've come to know and love. Those Big Star jeans from the Buckle. White t-shirt from Target. And floral top from the Gap. Would you like to know how I got this photo? Let's just say it involved my mantle, car keys and a baby bottle cap.

Josiah and I went for a pretty long walk outside today. He enjoyed the sunshine and breeze, and he totally crashed when we got home and I put him to bed. Ah, the life of a baby. Tomorrow will be my last day of the challenge, so I'll write a recap. Until then ... be giddy!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Day 28: Out and About

Tonight we went to dinner at some friends, so I went with the Starbucks look. Let's face it; it's a classy look. The jean jacket from Gap did make it into one more picture. Khakis also by Gap and shirt from Maurice's. Shoes are Mudd from Famous Footwear.

Sans jacket.

Kevin loves his close-ups. I'm wearing Express earrings.

Day 27: Black and White

Yesterday, I received the chance I'd been yearning for to take the car, leave Josiah with Daddy and zip over to my friend Melissa's house for a walk. I love my baby, but boy did it feel good! Melissa took one look at me and said, "Getting sick of that challenge yet?"

"Um, yes."

"I can tell by the tone of your posts," she said. "It sounds like you've developed some animosity toward the challenge."

She's right, on the account that having to be "picture ready" in a new outfit each day is tiresome. But overall I have loved the challenge. It's brought some very important things to my attention, which I plan to share with you on Day 30! In the meantime, my dear friend turned a sow's ear into a silk purse with these colorful photos. And she mentioned that she had not noticed the lace detail on this black cardigan from Express that I've worn several times during this challenge.

Jeans are Silvers from Maurice's (necklace and earrings are also from there). Shoes and white t-shirt from Target.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Day 26: Orange Makes Everything Better

Orange is my favorite color. Consequently, this is one of my favorite outfits. I just feel happy when orange is involved. I have really loved this floral top from Old Navy. The orange shirt is from the Gap. The jeans are Silver from Maurice's. Yesterday I didn't wear shoes. I stayed warm and cozy inside all day, while it snowed outside ... on May 2. Gotta love Colorado.

Yesterday I was realizing how different my life is than it was before baby. There's the obvious — I'm staying home instead of working. But there are the little things, too, like the fact that I hardly ever jump into my car and zip out for a latte or to pick up something at the store or to visit a friend. Every outing is an event that I have to plan for, pack for and prepare for. I'm less agile than I used to be. I know this will change as J gets a little older and easier to deal with out of the home. Part of it could be a lack of ambition on my part. But for now, I'm OK with the changes; it's just odd when I think I used to just jump in my car and zip here and there without a thought.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day 25: Breath of Fresh Air

Funny story. A couple of days ago, I remembered a top that I had chosen for my 30 items that I had not yet worn. The reason being, I had not seen it! So I went to my closet and looked beneath the "challenge" section, and sure enough, it had fallen off the hanger onto the floor. But let me tell you, it's awesome to have a fresh piece of clothing (metaphorical not literal, thankfully) to work with this late in the challenge. It's a tank from the Gap. I bought two of these last summer. The other is pink and green and can be seen in the photo below (from our Babymoon to Ouray).

I'm also wearing (in top photo) a brown cardigan and shoes from Target, jeans from the Buckle and a necklace from who-knows-where (but it's cute, right?) I got the earrings at Maurice's (shocker!).

Here's one thrown in for fun. My little boy is getting so big! Oh, and I'm taking today (Sunday) off. It might go against the rules, but I really needed a break. Plus, today would have been a classic case of "all dressed up with nowhere to go" since I've spent a quiet day at home. I hope you are also having a restful Sunday. New outfit tomorrow! (Only five more to go!)

Note: I just noticed you cannot see my earrings in the photos, but serendipitously, I am wearing the same pair in the Ouray photo.