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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Day 25: Breath of Fresh Air

Funny story. A couple of days ago, I remembered a top that I had chosen for my 30 items that I had not yet worn. The reason being, I had not seen it! So I went to my closet and looked beneath the "challenge" section, and sure enough, it had fallen off the hanger onto the floor. But let me tell you, it's awesome to have a fresh piece of clothing (metaphorical not literal, thankfully) to work with this late in the challenge. It's a tank from the Gap. I bought two of these last summer. The other is pink and green and can be seen in the photo below (from our Babymoon to Ouray).

I'm also wearing (in top photo) a brown cardigan and shoes from Target, jeans from the Buckle and a necklace from who-knows-where (but it's cute, right?) I got the earrings at Maurice's (shocker!).

Here's one thrown in for fun. My little boy is getting so big! Oh, and I'm taking today (Sunday) off. It might go against the rules, but I really needed a break. Plus, today would have been a classic case of "all dressed up with nowhere to go" since I've spent a quiet day at home. I hope you are also having a restful Sunday. New outfit tomorrow! (Only five more to go!)

Note: I just noticed you cannot see my earrings in the photos, but serendipitously, I am wearing the same pair in the Ouray photo.


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