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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Starbucks and Jesus

In the "wish I'd thought of this" category, John Fischer brews a great article that compares Starbucks coffee to Jesus.

I found Starbucks coffee in 1978 when it was served in the cafeteria of Seattle Pacific College (now Seattle Pacific University). My whole understanding of coffee was revolutionized at that point. It became something I actually liked - something more than an acquired taste or a necessary morning drug.

Now here's where Jesus comes in: just about everything I can think of about my experience with Starbucks coffee happens to also correspond to something true about my experience with Jesus.

He goes on to contrast religion with a vital relationship with Jesus.

Just as there is coffee and there is Starbucks, I believe that there is religion and then there is Jesus. I was very happy to find this out because Christianity for me used to be an acquired taste. I grew up with it - even knew in my heart it was true - but that didn't mean I liked it. Meeting Jesus made me fall in love with God. I'm not into Jesus because I'm supposed to be, or because I grew up with Him, or because believing is a fire escape from hell. I'm into Jesus because I'm way over the top with Him. I love following Christ. I love the life I have with God. I love the world the way He shows it to me. I would do this no matter what.

I resonate with this article for more than one reason. Yes, I love Starbucks. But Jesus is also an addiction. And a healthy one at that.

Thanks, Sarah, for tipping me off to this article!


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

You're welcome! When I read it, I immediately thought of you! :-)


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