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Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Tale of God's Grace

I read a great article on Boundless today. Written by Mia Wales, "Redeeming the Taylor Tragedy" recounts the events of April 26, 2006, in which four Taylor University students and a staff member were killed in a car accident. Dealing with issues of God's sovereignty and grief, the article tells an incredible story of God's Grace. Mia writes:

Time stopped at Taylor University. Classes were canceled for days. Assignments were put on hold. The eerie silence in the dining commons at lunch that afternoon screamed of the shock and pain that everyone felt. Everyone was mourning. Clusters of people were gathered all over the campus, some praying and singing, others weeping together.

I was torn between which funeral to attend, since many of them fell on the same weekend, but I chose Whitney's. Though I hadn't known Whitney well, I knew and loved Carly and wanted to support the Cerak family during their time of loss.

I don't remember a whole lot of what was said at the funeral, but I do remember the Ceraks. They showed no bitterness or resentment towards God, but praised him for his sovereignty and thanked him for the brief time they had with Whitney. Their faith and reliance on Christ astounded me and I was humbled wondering if my own faith was that strong.

I am constantly reminded of the sufficiency of God's grace for those who trust in Him. In the face of great tragedy, those who find their hope in Christ testify to His great power. I hope this article will remind you of our powerful God.


At 9:34 PM, Blogger Ashleigh said...

This was a very moving article. Ted had told me about it a day or two before it ran (I always ask him about the articles ahead of time). But then I didn't read it until after hearing about a friend in Virginia that suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. So I read it at a time when death was fresh. It is a great reminder of how God can use mere people, even after they've gone to be with Him, to bring Him glory!


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