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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Inspire 2007

Hunter and Lacey with their performance class, "Radioactive Guinea Pigs."

This weekend the Stick Horses and I taught, performed and hip-hopped (Jared!) at the Inspire Drama Conference. We had a great time teaching improv to teens and adults. One of our Facebook friends came to the conference just to hang out with us, and we met cool people from Greeley, Pueblo, Denver, Boulder and Highlands Ranch.

Some superheroes in need of serious therapy. Left to right: Diana (Wonder Woman), Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker and James Bond.

Some of our other duties included putting on a mini-show and performing a couple of skits. The audience particularly enjoyed "Superhero Therapy," in which our favorite heroes (and one misdirected superspy) discuss their "difficult feelings" at Superheroes Anonymous. Clark feels like he's from another planet. Peter is always on the Web and feels stuck. And Bruce has social anxiety disorder and retreats to his "cave." When James Bond arrives and steals the show, things get tense between Diana and the other heroes. "Happy bond-ing!" she says haughtily.

We wore many hats this weekend, but I think the best thing was introducing young people (and older people) to the joys of improv. Our students blew us away with their talent and enthusiasm. It's possible we left more inspired than they.


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