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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I gave this article the working title "Kill Hypocrisy," because I feel so strongly that hypocrisy is faith-poison and needs to die. (Jesus said it first.)

The conversation started over sushi. A friend and I were eating these incredible chili rolls, and we started talking about growing up in Christian homes. Somehow we got on the topic of our bygone friends of faith, the kids we'd gone to youth group with — the ones who'd challenged us and prayed for us and helped us grow.

"The sad thing is," I said, "a lot of those friends don't walk with God anymore." And we're not talking an I'm-going-through- a-phase-trying-to-find-myself kind of thing. More like Christianity-is-an-evil-oppressive-not-possibly-true-

My friend nodded. "Yeah, I know people like that."

We pondered this some more and decided hypocrisy had something to do with it. The outward appearance all those years did not match what was really going on. I assumed that what I saw in my friends at church was the norm — because it was for me. Later I found out it was an act that was covering up things that were going very, very wrong in the home. Hypocrisy is toxic.

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Love this article Suz. :)


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