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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Public Service Announcement

This morning I woke up at 5:20 a.m. to the chirping of my smoke dectector. I'd already experienced the piercing noise with the detector in my room (it took my housemate and I a full half hour to figure out how to make it be quiet). Having gone through this before, I knew removing the battery would not help. I had to put in a fresh one. Unfortunately, I did not have the necessary battery.

I went to my basement and tried to sleep on the couch, but I could still hear the annoying sound. Finally, at 6, I got dressed and drove to Wal-Mart. The associate looked at me strangely as I purchased my package of batteries. I returned to the house, changed the battery and went back to sleep.

Word to the wise: When they say you should change the batteries in your smoke detectors once a year, they mean it. Only YOU can prevent 6 a.m. battery runs.


At 10:51 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Haha, that's just not right. Naturally the smoke detector battery couldn't die at 6 in the evening.

At 11:47 PM, Blogger Rabenstrange said...

How does it make noise with the batteries removed? Did someone actually create a backup power source in the device for the sole purpose of allowing it to shriek a low battery warning?

At 1:08 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

I know. And why couldn't that same genius create the device to only shriek between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.?


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