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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Girls' Night

Left to right: Krista, Gretta, Anna (and Aaron), me.

Freshman year of college, a tradition was born. Three other girls and I went out to Shari's 24-hour restaurant for an impromptu Christmas celebration. The following year we added Anna. The five of us have been getting together one night during Christmas week ever since.

We were all in the same dorm section our freshman year. Those early celebrations consisted of Martinelli's in the dorm room and small tokens of Christmas cheer. Krista and Kelly were roommates our freshman year. Gretta was my roommate for all four. Anna was my best friend and ended up marrying my brother.

When we graduated, I moved to Colorado while the other four remained in the Portland area. We reconvened each Christmas season to catch up on the past year, enjoy holiday goodies and share tales of our changing lives: jobs, husbands, babies and homes. Last year Kelly moved to Wheaton, Illinois, so her husband could attend grad school. We've missed her at our last two gatherings, though we know she is with us in spirit. This year I had a double blessing: After spending the evening of December 28 with my girls, I got to see Kelly three days later in Wheaton (more about that later).

I think it is quite special that the five of us have remained so close through the years. And it is even more special that we have kept our holiday tradition alive. This was our 10th "Girls' Christmas." Next year Kelly will be back in the Northwest....


At 6:37 AM, Anonymous Danielle said...

That's wonderful. Aren't traditions like that great!


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