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Friday, March 23, 2007

Wisconsin Grilled Cheese

Last night I spent some time with a friend (who will remain unnamed) from Wisconsin. The weather has been sunny and mild, so we took advantage of the extra hours of light and took a walk. Afterward, my friend offered to make me a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. She used extra-sharp cheddar from a dairy in her hometown. I looked at the sandwiches and said, "Whoa!" I'm not used to such thick slices. "We don't mess around in Wisconsin," she said.

As the sandwiches were cooking, we mourned the fact that we had no tomato soup to go with it. Finally, I said, "Should I just run out and get some?" No "real" grocery stores were nearby, so we called 7-11 to see if they carried it. Two minutes later I was hopping out of my car and walking through the 7-11 door. I was immediately greeted by the man behind the counter. "You're the tomato soup lady!" Busted.

He pointed out my choices, and I soon returned to Mel...unnamed friend's residence with two cans of the precious commodity. We shared a wonderful dinner and laughed over our addiction and the fact that I evidently look like the "type" that would go into a 7-11 in search of tomato soup. All I can say is if you're ever in Wisconsin...ask for grilled cheese.


At 10:14 PM, Anonymous Alicia said...

If anyone would know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich - it's someone from wisconsin :-)


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