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Monday, April 03, 2006

Fun Times Had by All

We celebrated my birthday Saturday night with, what else, some good old-fashioned karaoke. My housemate and friend Krish succeeded in turning my downstairs into a karaoke lounge and many of my guests embraced their alter-egos of Whitney, Sinatra and Elvis. To catch a glimpse of all the fun, visit my blankeffect photo page.

Even though my true birthday isn't until Thursday, I felt celebrated. My friends pulled out their best renditions of Beatles hits, country, showtunes and the crooners. Brownies were enjoyed by all (I still have an entire pan left!). And when the karaoke machine got hot and decided it was done, our karaoke dissolved into an impromptu version of bad talk radio. When all was said and done it was 2 a.m. when the last singer left (3 a.m. with the time change). I fell into bed very happy and thankful to have such special friends.


At 10:34 PM, Blogger Ali said...

It was such a fun party! Yay for birthdays!


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