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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Giving a Leg Up

From Dr. Friesen's blog:

Tarver was in my Pentateuch Bible class, participated in several Bible marathons and has remained a friend. His awkward walk reminded me that he had been in a horrible accident. The driver hit a telephone pole and the wire cable fell on him. It sent electric shock through his body — don´t ask to see the scars.

Doctors recommended he amputate his leg, but he chose the pain for ten years. He prayed and decided to amputate (5/31). His stump will take 4 to 6 weeks to heal, but then it gets tougher. Those who manufacture the "legs" want $40,000 fully paid up front before they hand over the limb. Many amputees get a mortgage and later fail on the payments.

Tarver is fighting back with one leg, a crutch and a website. He has started a business to help him get a leg and then go on to help future amputees. If you donate $25, you get a tee shirt that says, "This Shirt Bought Tarver a Leg." The Oregonian and the Williamette Weekly newspapers picked up his story and local KATU-TV interviewed him. So far $5,100 has come in. Want to see Tarver without a stump? Use this address to donate.

I think I'm going to.


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