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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Teens Who Serve

Last night I played laser tag and ate pizza with a few of the coolest girls in Colorado. These young ladies are in high school and are the Pike's Peak Child Evangelism Fellowship summer missionaries. That means they're sharing the gospel with hundreds of children this summer by teaching 5-Day-Clubs.

Some of you know that my siblings and I were active in the Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) program in Washington state throughout high school. I believe the program significantly shaped my heart for evangelism and service. Some of my most profound spiritual moments came during my summers serving with CEF.

I was encouraged last night to see the quality, devotion and enthusiasm of this new crop of teens. Josh and I carried on a very mature conversation with the three girls who sat across from us at the pizza place. They, of course, had their silly moments, too. (One of the highlights of the evening was when they entertained the pizza chefs through a window to the kitchen). I thank God for these young people who love Him and want to share the gospel with others.

Our summer missionaries have four more weeks of teaching clubs. If you're in the area and would like to host a 5-Day-Club, let me know. Please pray that these teens would see much spiritual fruit this summer—in their own lives and in the lives of children.


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