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Monday, April 07, 2008

New York: Cafe Lalo

Sunday was such a full and diverse day, that I will stick to shorter posts about some of the highlights. After walking from our hotel up through central park, we ate brunch at Cafe Lalo.

Fans of You've Got Mail will understand what I'm doing in this photo. Cafe Lalo was featured in the film, during the scene where Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) is waiting to meet her online love interest and her mortal enemy Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) shows up instead. It's a great scene. (Hint: "She's GOT TO BE pretty.")

Something we learned by talking with our server is that Sunday brunch is a big deal in New York. The cafe was packed out! Bekah and Sarah got avocado and feta sandwiches, I ordered the Moroccan breakfast.

Our weird (but cute) non-coffee-drinking sister.

Sarah enjoys a cappuccino.

After Cafe Lalo we explored a bit more of the upper West side, including Amsterdam Avenue and Zabar's, the grocery story where Rose says: "This is a cash only line." Rose, that's a pretty name.


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