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Thursday, April 10, 2008

New York: The Lion King

The show Bekah most wanted to see in New York was "The Lion King." The show, which has been on Broadway for 10 years, is truly spectacular. I've seen a lot of shows, and "The Lion King" is the most innovative and visually stunning of them all. Particularly noteworthy is the show's almost exclusively African-American cast, lending it an authentic African feel.

We had a bit of a laugh over the theater attendant who seemed to REALLY like his job. Before the doors opened he was circulating around the lobby offering to take pictures for people. At intermission, Bekah witnessed him giving some of his own money to girls so they could buy souvenirs! And in the closing scene when a single camera flashed somewhere in our balcony section, he was on the job — using his flashlight to attempt to identify the culprit! I wish I had gotten a picture of him.

"The Lion King" was a fantastic show to end on. Hakuna Matata!


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