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Thursday, November 29, 2007

How to See

Sometimes I realize how sheltered I am.

Growing up in a Christian home, attending Bible college and working at a ministry are blessed experiences I wouldn't trade. Still, it can leave me at a loss as to how to relate to those who don't share my experiences or point of view. Sometimes differences are glaring, and I wonder how the Lord would want me to respond.

I explored these feelings in this week's Boundless article "Godless People."

The sensation was something like being trapped in an elevator…or grabbed and held tightly from behind. In a matter of minutes, the 15 or so people who surrounded me had turned from acquaintances to potential adversaries.

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At 9:46 AM, Blogger Stefanie said...

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At 9:53 AM, Blogger Stefanie said...

love the article. This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately, given the conversations that have come in the workplace.
What did you see in the eyes of the others? That exercise is interesting.

And really, I think this topic doesn't always limit itself to Christians versus non-Christians. I have seen the unfortunate effects of judgment in Christian circles as well- especially as related to some of those "worst" sins- sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I have been at the receiving end of such judgment - albeit unintentional - but the reality is that thinking through our responses to people and striving toward viewing others through the frame of God's heart is key in any relationship.

But, of course, for all my certainty of the theology and biblical support for it, in practice I'm being reminded every day- especially at work lately- that I come up woefully short!

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy comment, but I have been thinking about these things for a while now. I could probably write a book about it, but I'll spare you. :)
Thanks again for the article. I'm glad to know others are thinking about these things, too.


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