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Friday, April 11, 2008

New York: Celebrity Sightings

Besides seeing Uma Thurman in Central Park, the sisters an I had a couple of other fun celebrity sightings. I saw Peter Gallagher as we walked down 5th Avenue in the posh shopping district (you can't mistake those eyebrows).

After "The Lion King," I was trying to find this amazing pizza place I'd eaten at last time I was in NYC. The problem was, I was convinced it was called Mike's Pizza, but it turns out it was John's Pizza. I knew it was near Times Square, so after the show got out, we just began walking down a street that looked familiar to me.

Suddenly we noticed a crowd of people. They were holding up their cameras as high as their arms would reach to take pictures. We rushed over (the celebrity-hounds that we are) and did the same. We soon realized it was Clay Aiken coming out of "Spamalot."

We walked a few more blocks, and with no sign of Mike', John's, we decided to head back to Broadway. "Let's walk up a different street," I suggested. As we walked back toward Broadway, we spotted another crowd with camera's flashing. In an earlier post, I mentioned I was a fan of "You're the One that I Want," which cast the main characters for the musical "Grease." Turns out, the crowd was out to see Max Crumm and Laura Osnes, the winners of the show and the performers who now play Danny and Sandy on Broadway.

And, of course, you already know about me meeting Chad.


At 3:12 PM, Blogger Becky said...

And I KNOW you!!! I'm practically famous.


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